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Instant CD Products

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Heres An Easy Way To Create A Popular Product To Profit With - And All It Takes Is Just Two Hours ...

PLUS - A Special Bonus For You: If You Order Today You Also Get Full Resale Rights To This Product And Website So You Can Sell It Yourself And Keep Every Single Dollar You Make!

Hi, Im Louis Allport,

CD products are making a lot of people a TON of money (youll find two million-dollar case studies further down this page).

AND - if you know how, they can be incredibly quick and easy to create - and - can be considerably more profitable for you than just offering downloadable products. Heres why:

You get Increased customer loyalty - your customer receiving a product through the post and having it on their bookshelf creates more attachment to the product (and more interest in your other products - especially if they have a collector mentality as many people do) than just another PDF sitting on their hard drive which is instantly forgotten about.

You get extra marketing influence for free - not only do physical products remind your customer about you and your sites weeks, months, even years after the initial purchase, but if its ever sold (on eBay for example), the product keeps marketing for you and can turn that second hand customer into a customer buying from you directly.

You can reach a MUCH larger market - not everyone is comfortable with purchasing downloads, or even buying online. With physical products you can deliver something tangible to your customer, and also market through other avenues not available with digital products, such as: drop shipping arrangements, wholesale arrangements, retail arrangements, catalogs...

You can charge more - physical products have a higher perceived value as your customer is receiving something solid, something real, and this automatically gives it a higher perceived value than a download-only product ... which gives you the option of charging potentially considerably more.

You can increase sales - with physical products, you can offer your visitors try before you buy. In other words - they just pay shipping now, and then if they dont return it within 30 days (or 45 days ... or 60 days ... as you choose), they automatically get billed the full amount. This can greatly increase sales, and this is NOT something you can easily do (or really would want to attempt to do) with a digital only product.

And creating your own unique CD products can be incredibly quick and easy - whether youre looking to make an extra $200 a month on eBay, or youre looking to start a publishing Empire...

Two Real-Life Examples Of Million Dollar (And Then Some) CD Publishing Businesses...

Will YOU Be The Next Success Story?

Case Study #1

This CD publishing business doesnt do anything particularly new or exciting (youll discover the exact address of the site inside this product)..

All this company does is create IT coaching on CD. You put one of their CDs in your computer and it talks you through learning Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint ... and many other PC software programs.

These CDs start at FREE (with a couple of dollars for shipping), and go all the way up to $30 for more advanced video coaching topics.

This company even sometimes sells hundreds, even thousands of one CD in one sale - delivering to Government departments, schools, colleges, and large companies.

Just offering these products on CD has built a thriving business over the past years, and is just one example of whats possible with CD publishing.

Case Study #2

A site that started small just selling a limited range of CD products for the PC, and is now releasing around one new product per day (many of them created from public domain content), has many of their products listed on Netflix (so that they can be ordered by their customer base of millions), and is growing so quickly that the business is actively seeking a stock market listing - all by just selling CD products!

See the potential of selling CD products? Heres how you can get started right now...

Ive put together eight coaching videos showing you exactly how to create CD products very quickly and incredibly easily. And you dont need any special equipment. If you have:

A CD writer drive in your computer (these are VERY inexpensive to buy)
A printer (almost any type should be fine)

Thats all the equipment you need to get started in this easy to start and run business, with massive potential.

These very easy-to-follow CD Product creation tactics come in the form of eight brand new videos you view directly at your computer. Ive bundled these powerful videos into a product called Instant CD Products:

These eight videos come to a total playing time of 83 minutes. Heres a quick run down of exactly what you get:

Video One (9 Minutes)
Here youll discover how to make your CDs start automatically as soon as theyre placed in your customers CD drive.

Video Two (11 Minutes)
In this video Ill talk you through how to create templates that make your CD creation process a lot faster and easier.

Video Three (6 Minutes)
Here Ill talk you through creating an introduction page for your CDs.

Video Four (14 Minutes)
In this video Ill talk you through a step-by-step example of putting together a menu screen for your CD (I guarantee its a lot easier than you may think).

Video Five (16 Minutes)
Here Ill talk you through how to add audio and video to your CDs.

Video Six (15 Minutes)
In this video Ill talk through where to find great ideas for products, two case studies of million dollar CD publishing businesses, and a little-used but incredibly powerful way to easily and instantly increase your sales by as much as 300!

Video Seven (4 Minutes)
Here Ill talk you through how to put together a CD insert the right way to increase customer loyalty as well as sales.

Video Eight (8 Minutes)
In this video Ill talk you through the exact tactic I use for creating unique CD labels in five minutes flat.

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